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Do you or does your family member or patient have
breathing muscle weakness for any reason?


If you have breathing and coughing muscle weakness due to one of the Applicable Conditions listed on this website and can understand and cooperate with instructions, then noninvasive ventilatory support (NVS) may help you to avoid respiratory complications such as acute respiratory failure and avoid need to resort to invasive airway tubes (tracheostomy) which cause increased morbidity and mortality.





Anyone with weak or very dysfunctional breathing muscles, who wants to:

  • Prolong life expectancy,

  • Maintain quality of life,

  • Avoid episodes of serious breathing problems (i.e. respiratory failure),

  • Avoid frequent hospitalizations,

  • Avoid invasive airway tubes passed down the throat (i.e. endotracheal tubes),

  • Avoid invasive airway tubes passed through the neck and into the windpipe (i.e. tracheostomy tubes), and

  • Avoid a lifetime of ongoing institutionalization and/or nursing care.


NVS allows for prolonged life expectancy while maintaining quality of life. NVS is preferred and considered by a strong majority of patients to be safer, more convenient and comfortable, and permits more normal speech production, swallowing, sleep, and appearance.





BreatheNVS will explain to you and your physicians the noninvasive ventilatory techniques that can be used to assist breathing muscle function that more and more doctors in the United States and around the world are beginning to understand and use. We hope that as you learn more about noninvasive ventilatory techniques, you will better understand medical texts and articles and share information with your doctors so that you can receive safe and effective noninvasive care. If your physician is reluctant or unwilling, then BreatheNVS will direct you or your baby, family member, or patient to be transferred to the closest "Center for Noninvasive Respiratory Management" that may be able to help.










If you have any of these diagnoses and your doctors are considering a tracheotomy for you but they are unfamiliar with the hundreds of medical publications and books about noninvasive ventilatory care, including 27 in the major pulmonary journal CHEST, ask them why.

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